Our Services

Longleaf Pines Home Care offer residents all throughout the Birmingham area a variety of home care services. We offer a variety of personalized care and treatment solutions to patients, and work alongside our patients to understand their specific needs. We bring our services directly to your front door so you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Caregivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays.
Medication Reminders

Trained caregivers work with client-specific medication profiles to ensure all medication is taken as prescribed at the right time.

Safety Supervision

Keeping clients safe in the comfort of their own home is a top priority. Our caregivers provide general supervision and supportive assistance to help bring awareness to trip hazards and reduce falls.



Meal Planning

​Caregivers are ready to prepare preplanned meals for your loved one right in the comfort of their home.



Bathing, Grooming, & Hygiene


​We provide assistance with bathing, dressing, hair styling, basic oral care, toileting and incontinence care, and other personal hygiene needs.

Family Respite

​Are you caring for a parent or other loved one? Do you need a break to recharge or rest? Whether it’s for a few hours a week or daily, we can provide care and peace of mind when family caregivers need temporary relief from caregiving duties.



Light House Keeping

Having a caregiver available to help with tasks around the house can give clients and their loved ones more time to spend together making memories. Our caregivers are happy to assist with light housekeeping tasks such as washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming and folding laundry.





​Reliable transportation helps to maximize independence and offers flexibility in a client’s day. Caregivers can help clients run errands, attend doctor appointments and enjoy social activities outside the home. By providing assistance getting in and out of the car, clients and their family receive the peace of mind they deserve.


​Engaging in meaningful activities can provide much-needed social interactions and can help to boost a person’s mood. Caregivers can play board games, read books or the newspaper, engage in musical activities or just have a chat with clients.



Support Services

​Home care isn’t just for older adults. Anyone who needs a little extra help at home can benefit from our services. Longleaf Pines caregivers can provide non-medical support and assistance to new parents, adults with disabilities, or those recovering from an illness or surgical procedure. In addition, home care services often complement other types of care someone may already be receiving in their home, such as hospice or home health care. 


Longleaf Pines Home Care Providers deliver non medical care to the home of your loved one's. Longleaf Pines Home Care Providers offer personal care, companionship, transportation, and medication reminders and babysitting services to name a few. Our services aren’t limited to sitting with seniors and babies. We at Longleaf Pines Home Care Providers can provide services for adults and teens in need of similar care.

Just give us a call to create a care plan unique to your needs. (205)719-9387


At Longleaf Pines Home Care Providers, our criminal background checked caregivers are available to assist with daily activities that require a little more hands on personal support like personal hygiene and feeding. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team is committed to delivering on our promise of providing compassionate quality care.

Personal Care Services Offered

Longleaf Pines Home Care Providers personal care services include:

➤ Outpatient pre- and post-op care.

➤ Feeding.

➤ Oral and personal hygiene.

➤ Bathing.

➤ Toileting.

➤ Dressing and grooming.

➤ Reporting conditions and activities to family so they can relax being in the know.

For more information about personal care services contact Longleaf Pines Home Care Providers at (205)719-9387

Transitional Care

Transitional care refers to the care provided following hospitalization or a stay in a rehabilitation center. Leaving the hospital or a skilled nursing facility to go home could lead to critical health and social problems for individuals, but in many cases this can be avoided. Assisted home care can help reduce undesirable outcomes like re-hospitalization, falls, and it may even reduce long-term healthcare costs by helping to prevent the worsening of health conditions.

Child Care

Longleaf Pines Home Care Providers offer a wide range of in-home child care options for your family. Caring for your littlest loved ones is an honor, and we promise to earn your trust by providing compassionate care that meet the quality standards. Our sitters are criminal background checked and ready to help with anything from respite sitter services and flexible sick-day child care to 24-hour special needs care and also being a sitter at the hospital and home while new mom rest in the next room. Specialized support like in-hospital companionship can ease the stress of a hospital stay for family members. We at Longleaf Pines Home Care Providers would love to sit with your littlest loved ones whenever and wherever you need us.

➤ Pros of Hiring a babysitter.

Many parents appreciate the flexibility and control they get from having a sitter who works in their home.

➤ More Parental Control.

With a sitter in your home, you have more control over what your child is exposed to, where they go, what they eat, and what the schedule look like. Our sitters provide detailed reports of the day and send parents pictures.

➤ Individual Attention.

Your sitter is focused on your child's individual needs. There is no competition for attention.

➤ Attachment.

A sitter provides the benefit of a primary attachment figure. With a sitter, your child can develop a special relationship with one person and rely on them to be a secure and comforting person in their lives.

➤ Logistics.

Having a sitter come to your home makes being a working parent much easier. If you forget to do something at home, you can call your sitter. If you are having a repairman come to the house, your sitter can be there to let him in. Further, our sitters help with light housework, cook your child's meals and do their laundry. These tasks lessen the parenting load for you.

➤ Flexibility.

You set the hours for when you need a sitter. If you start work later in the day and work evenings, we will place you with a sitter who will work with your schedule. If you are stuck in traffic, your sitter will be at home.

➤ Convenience.

With a sitter, you don't have to prepare or pack up for the day. No lugging pumped milk or packed lunch across town with you.

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